100+ Common Phrases Free For Use In Games

I’ve Recorded just over 100 common phrases in the hopes of providing any interested Devs with random, last minute or even just place holder assets for their projects. Below are links for a preview of every line in the pack & the pack itself.
All requests, suggestions and feedback are welcome & encouraged!


License: CC-BY (If you consider anything usable please credit “Cyael Dobson” 🙂 – Hope this helps

Some Phrases Include:
Understood, Acknowledged, Let’s Begin, Begin Simulation, Simulation Complete, Continue, Proceed, Don’t Move, Gimme a Second, Stop, Please Stop, Thank You, Follow Me, Cover Me!, Alpha Team, Bravo Team, Cover Me, Defend This Position!, Fall Back!, Attack My Target!, Flag Captured, Flag Returned, Flag Captured, Game Over, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Final Round, Listen!, Push Forward!, Right Behind You, Target Acquired, Target Neutralized, Fuck, Impressive, Not Bad, Outstanding, Pretty Good, All Done, Building Complete, Help, Hm?, Yes?, I can’t do that, We need more resources, Heads up, Log Updated, Come take a look at this, Mission Complete, Is someone there?, Take your time, Whatre you doing? You’ve Gained a level, Welcome, etc